How to stop sensitive teeth pain immediately

How to stop sensitive teeth pain immediately

Oil pulling:

Sesame and coconut are useful for teeth sensitivity. Sesame or coconut oil pulling is effective for the tooth which is sensitive. This Ayurvedic practice is famous in India. In this practice you should swish oil around the mouth then you should continue for several minutes. After then you should be spitting out.

2009 study result, sesame oil pulling is active against the symptom of gum disease. The dentists refer this disease to as gingivitis. This practice is supported by the pilot study 2015 which was a trusted source.

They also say that coconut oil pulling may decrease plaque formation. They also show that it decreases the markers of gingivitis. As a result, it reduces tooth sensitivity.

Research Trusted sources suggest that gingivitis has come from gum recession people. This is common among people who suffer tooth sensitivity.

How to stop sensitive teeth pain immediately

Guava Leaves:

Guava leaves are useful for the reduce tooth pain and sensitivity. Chewing the guava leaves can protect against tooth pain and gingivitis. A topical gel that is made from guava leaf extract is very active for tooth pain and sensitivity.

“Extracts rich in guava flavonoids are the cause of pain relievers Anti-inflammatory. It is also caused by antimicrobial characteristics.” For this reason, these are the potential to prevent toothache.

How to stop sensitive teeth pain immediately

Clove gel:

Clove gel is used in a long run as a remedy for tooth pain. Research says that these have not only traditions but also benefits. A 2006 study by Trusted source compare this gel with benzocaine. This gel is the kind of gel that dentists use to numb a patient’s gum. The gel is used to numb before inserting needles. So the conclusion is, that a clove gel is effective in relieving needle pain which is the same as benzocaine gel.  SO, using clove gel or oil on the gum may be effective for tooth sensitivity and pain.

How to stop sensitive teeth pain immediately


Garlic has a great reputation as a home remedy. Chew on a piece of garlic. You will get a good result. Because chewing it produces compound allicin. Allicin has antimicrobial characteristics which help kill bacteria that cause tooth decay. Example Streptococcus mutans. By buildup S mutants around the gum increase tooth decay. For this reason, tooth sensitivity may worsen. Allicin fight this kind of bacteria. As a result tooth sensitivity may be lessened.



Turmeric is a yellow spice. It used an Ayurvedic remedy. Turmeric can reduce inflammation. Turmeric have curcumin. Curcumin are active to reduce pain. A 2014 study trusted Source found that turmeric plant extract was effective in relieving pain from osteoarthritis. It is the same effect as ibuprofen. If you want to make turmeric paste. You can mix water and turmeric together. Then you can try to rub it into your gums.



It is a good practice if you wash your mouth with saltwater. It fights against bacteria. It is also helpful to improve oral hygiene. In a study in 2017, researchers found that saltwater mouthwash is effective in reducing dental plaque. This reduction is as like chlorhexidine. If you want to make a saltwater rinse, you need to add a teaspoon of salt with warm water. The amount of warm water will be 8 ounces. You swish the saltwater. You should do it around all mouth. You need several times to do it. Then you need spitting out.

Capsaicin gel:

It is found naturally in chili peppers. If you apply capsaicin to your gums, it may be cause of burn. But it can reduce your gums pain. ReviewTrusted source of 2011 the authors note that, by applying the capsaicin it can relieve some types of pain. Capsaicin can numb nerve fibers for this reason they able to deliver less pain signal. So, if you apply capsaicin gel to your gums it may alleviate pain.

How to stop sensitive teeth pain immediately

How to stop sensitive teeth pain immediately