How do You Define Spirituality What Is Spirituality Definition-Meaning-of

How do You Define Spirituality What Is Spirituality Definition-Meaning-of

How do You Define Spirituality- Meaning and Definition- What Is Spirituality: It is difficult to define spirituality in a few words. Because the roots of spirituality have a deep connection with the roots of creation. Where there is an expression of spirituality, it must be understood that it is an expression of the essence of creation. That is, spirituality originates from where the universe originates from the there. And if one can reach the ultimate limit of this spirituality, then he can know the beginning and the end of creation and he can control the whole creation.

And when someone reaches the last frontier of spirituality, he is no longer attracted to the world. And that time there is no other desire of the world in his mind. His mind becomes pure and holy. That time he sees that all the creation of the world is under him. Still, he has no desire to change the creation at all. This is why it is said that those who have the slightest desire for the world cannot reach the last frontier of spirituality.

How far the boundaries of spirituality extend is beyond our comprehension. Because our knowledge is very insignificant near the boundaries of spirituality. It is impossible for us to analyze the scope of spirituality with this little knowledge. Only those who have attained perfection in spirituality can understand its meaning. Spirituality cannot be explained in words. To understand it you need to have strong feeling power. Because it has to be realized through feeling. The famous spiritual person Jalal Uddin Rumi said, if the sun comes close to the earth, the earth will burn to ashes. Similarly, if spirituality suddenly appears in someone’s heart, his heart will be destroyed.

The words above are words of deep high. Usually, we don’t think so deeply about spirituality. Because we don’t keep track of the world’s greatest spiritual people. And we don’t want to know how many steps they have taken to achieve spirituality in their lives. With a little touch of spirituality in ourselves, we think we have become spiritual.

I too was once in this mistake. I started meditating on March 26, 2007. After the first year of meditation, I noticed a lot of physical and mental changes in me. As a result of the huge change in my heart and feelings, I began to think that I had become a great spiritual person. I am still pursuing my meditation in 2021. But as I continue to meditate and start to reach the depths of meditation in 2021, I see that it is a rare thing to reach the last frontier of spirituality.

Now at what stage am I talking about this. If I give a little description of the symptoms of my body, those who understand spirituality will realize something. You may have heard of the famous spiritual greats Swami Vivekananda and Fakir Lalon Sai. Their writings contain profound theories about spirituality. In Swami Vivekananda’s book Rajyoga, he writes that at one stage of meditation, Kurukundali is awakened in the human body. Within a year of me starting to meditate, Kurukundali was awakened in my body. I had no acquaintance with the word kurukundali. Many days after the awakening of Kurukundali, when I read this book, I realized that its name is Kurukundali.

Kurukundali is an energy that originates from the spinal cord . It is not like expressing in words the stream of peace that flows from the bottom of the spine to the top after the awakening of the Kurukundali. The more you are alone, the more the flow of peace will continue to grow. So I like to be alone from March 26, 2007 until 2021 and now like stay alone.

It is impossible to say how many more symptoms appear inside the body after waking up Kurukundali. However, reading the books of the great spiritual people, it is known that awakening in the body of Kurukundali is not a common thing. These are manifested in very few people. And after this long period of meditation, when I tried to realize where spirituality ends, Then I became dumb. After all this time I started thinking that the journey of spirituality has just started.

So we have realized how difficult it is to attain full spirituality. Achieving spirituality requires hard work for a long time.

Dr. Shahinur Chowdhury (Spiritual Person)