Spiritual Awakening Stages and Symptoms

To achieve spirituality we have to achieve it from within ourselves. Because each of us has a hidden treasure of spirituality within ourselves. There is no other place in the world for the awakening of spirituality except within oneself. All the great men in the world who have attained perfection in spirituality have found it by searching in their hearts.

Spiritual Awakening Stages

But now the question is why one has to find spirituality within oneself. Doesn’t spirituality exist on the outside? Why have the great men of the ages said only one thing? Spiritual great men irrespective of race, religion, and caste, agree on one thing only: there is no place to seek spirituality without one’s own heart. Why the same thing is said over and over again about spirituality.

Now let’s come to the answer. Is there no spirituality outside? In fact, everything we see on the outside with the naked eye is a manifestation of spirituality. When we look at this magnificent beautiful universe, the question arises in our minds, where is the source of these? Who created these? In fact, the question arises from where this root? Surely from the heart? That is why people have found this answer deep in their minds by asking questions to their minds over the ages. No one has found the answer to this question anywhere other than the mind. That is why all the great spiritual leaders agree that spirituality has found it by searching in their hearts.

Spiritual Awakening Stages and Symptoms

So it can be said that in order to find spirituality or to awaken spirituality in oneself, one has to find it within oneself. It is not possible to find all your life spirituality if you search for it outside.

So what is the way to awaken spirituality? Can anyone awaken spirituality? The answer is that there is a possibility of awakening spirituality wherever the mind exists in creation. And the way to awaken spirituality is to purify the mind and associate the mind with the essence of creation.

Spiritual Awakening Process

The first part of the Spiritual Awakening Process is enlightenment. This stage takes a long time since it involves developing a new structure that will allow our true spirit to flourish. As such, it is essential to embrace it. After all, without a strong foundation, we would be unable to grow.

The second phase is called a chrysalis. In this phase, people question their old conditioned habits and negative thinking. They imagine themselves living a different life. They cannot imagine their lives the way they are now. This stage can be challenging, so connecting with a trusted friend or online support groups is essential. It’s helpful to learn from others’ experiences. Ultimately, you’ll be able to transform yourself.

A spiritual awakening can be very profound. As such, you may experience synchronicities and coincidences. Perhaps you’ll meet a special someone. Maybe you’ll begin to search for spiritual material. Possibly you’ll discover that your life is becoming more authentic. If you’re feeling confused or unprepared, Richardson recommends a course of study and a spiritual teacher.

It is a complex process that takes work and a willingness to change. But in the end, you’ll be happier, more carefree, and more at peace with your life. In this stage, it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed.

This stage of the process will lead you to the self-awareness stage. You’ll likely begin to change your behavior and choose new friends with similar beliefs. You’ll start to absorb new ideas and engage in new activities. And this will become a permanent change in your life.

For some people, the process may be sudden and earth-shattering. For others, it may be more gradual. Those who are awakening may find that they have a greater awareness of basic principles in life, such as unconditional love, honesty, and integrity. For many people, letting go of old beliefs and actions will lead to an awakening.

The Spiritual Awakening process’s first stage is heightened awareness and compassion. People who are awakening may feel more sensitive to the feelings of others and may even fantasize about a new career. Intuition means understanding what others are experiencing, and this awareness will allow you to understand the pain of those around you. This stage will also cause you to have greater empathy and compassion. A compassionate person is a typical person in stage one of the awakening process, and this tendency often begins at a young age.

Eventually, the Divine Spiral of Awakening will lead you to a state of complete liberation from the illusions of the external world. Once you are fully released from the illusions of the external world, your Divine Intelligence will crystallize into subtle sense organs. As you continue to open yourself to this state, your awareness and understanding of who you are will grow to a profound level. As you grow in this state, you will have a clearer perception of your Divine mission and life purpose.

Although the process may be painful and disturbing, it is crucial to remember that it is necessary and will open the door to a more fulfilling existence. It will challenge your thoughts, beliefs, and paradigms and force you to expand. Several external factors can also trigger it, including significant life events, trauma, and divorce.

This stage is known as the satori stage. It comes from the Japanese Buddhist word “satori,” which means “wakening and comprehension.” Before this stage, you were still undergoing inner struggles. After the satori stage, you are in a state of enlightenment and are fully aware of your true self. The awakening process is never complete, and it will be unique to each person.


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