Meditation Positions

Meditation Positions

Best Meditation Positions: Meditation can be a great way to improve your overall well-being, and there are various meditation positions that can work for any individual. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best meditation positions for beginners and those more experienced.

Why does your meditation position matter?

A few different meditation positions can be used for different purposes. For example, some people prefer to sit with their legs folded underneath them, and others like to sit with their legs outstretched in front of them. There are also variations of standing meditation, such as sitting with your feet or one leg outstretched in front of you.

The position you choose to meditate in will ultimately depend on your comfort level and what works best for you. Now we will try to find some general guidelines helpful for the best meditation position.

Some tips for choosing the right meditation position:


 – Make sure your spine is straight and your head is balanced against the back of the chair or ground. 

 – Keep your hands resting comfortably at your sides, with palms up or down, depending on your preference. 

 – If you’re using an upright posture, ensure your chin is lifted and your eyes are closed. It would help if you seated cross-legged and then kept your knees bent. Keep the knee bent so that both feet are flat on the floor.

Keys to meditation posture

In our meditation practice, different meditation positions helped get different results. The key is to find one that feels comfortable and works for you. Here are some tips on finding the right position:

-Sit with your spine straight, let your head and neck hang loose, and keep your eyes closed.

 -relax your whole body; don’t force anything. Just allow yourself to melt into the pose.

 -If it is difficult to keep your concentration, try changing your position or adding props, like a pillow, folded blanket, or block.

 – For at least five minutes, stay in the pose.


If you think about meditation, first comes the meditation position, which has many different types. But if you’re looking for a comfortable and painless way to relax your body and mind, some basic tips include sitting with your spine straight, keeping your shoulders down, and closing your eyes. Next, try to focus or follow on your breath. You can also try to count your breath.


Many yoga postures can be used to meditate, but the best meditation positions for shoulders may vary depending on your body shape and size. Try different positions until you find one that is comfortable and allows your shoulders to rest in a neutral position.

It is good sitting in a chair. Your feet should keep flat on the floor and straighten your back. Behind your back, you should place your hands, and then between your hands, place your chin. If this position is too uncomfortable, you can sit with a block or bolster between your legs to make the pose more comfortable. For a more challenging pose, try standing with one foot in front of the other with both arms extended overhead. Inhale and lift your head towards the sky, then exhale and slowly lower your head back towards the ground.


The best meditation positions can vary depending on your body type and personal preference, but some general tips to get started include sitting up straight with your spine elongated, keeping your back straight, and keeping your hands resting in your lap with your palms up. You can also try various positions, such as lying down with your eyes closed or gazing at a spot on the ceiling or wall. Overall, you need to find a comfortable position that helps you to focus on your breath.


There are several different meditation positions that can be used, but the simplest is to sit with your legs crossed in front of you and your arms resting on your thighs. You can also sit with your back straight or recline in a comfortable pose with your hands resting at your sides.

Meditation Poses

Many different meditation poses can be used to focus and relax the mind. Some of the more popular positions include Padmasana, Vipassana, and Sarvangasana. Three popular meditation processes want to start to meditate as a beginner.

Padmasana: This pose is often called the lotus position because it resembles a flower with its root in the earth and its stem in the air. Sit and keep your feet flat on the floor. Keep apart hip-width. Bend your knees, so your thighs are resting on top of each other, and place your palms flat on your thighs. Your back should be straight; your head should be hanging between your shoulders. If you find this pose uncomfortable, try placing a pillow or folded blanket beneath your hips to support them.

Vipassana: In Vipassana, or “insight” meditation, you sit with your eyes closed and focus on your breath. Start by sitting with spine straight and neck relaxed. Then, observe the breath entering and leaving your lungs – feel it come in through your nose and go out through your mouth. When you become comfortable with this practice, you can also extend mindfulness to other areas of experience.

  1. Quarter Lotus

If you’re looking to improve your meditation skills, a few positions are particularly beneficial. The quarter lotus position is one of the most popular meditation positions because it allows you to focus on your breath.

To get into the quarter lotus position:

  1. Sit with your legs folded in half, so your feet rest on each other.
  2. Place your hands on your thighs and relax your shoulders and neck.
  3. In meditation sessions, keep your head and spine straight.

A half lotus position is also a good option for meditation. It would help if you stretched your legs out in front of you and then supported yourself with your hands placed on the inside of your thighs. Use a cushion or a bolster to help your back.

If you’re new to meditation, try one of these positions and see how it helps you focus and calm down.

  1. Half Lotus

Meditation can be a very calming and relaxing experience. Many different meditation positions can help you achieve this goal.

One of the best meditation positions is the half-lotus position, in which your legs are folded up and placed in front of you. It would help if you placed your palms flat on the floor next to you.

The half lotus position is a good starting point for beginners because it is comfortable and easy to learn. It also has several beneficial effects on your mind and body.

The Half-Lotus Pose Helps Improve Concentration. Additionally, the half lotus position reduces blood pressure and improves heart health.

If you are looking for a comfortable meditation position, the half lotus is a good option.

  1. Full Lotus

Find a position that suits your needs. One of the most popular meditation positions is the full lotus position.

The full lotus position is a very relaxing position that is often used to improve concentration and clarity of thought. It also promotes peace and tranquility.

To get into the full lotus position, you should sit with your legs tucked under you, and your feet flat on the ground. You should then place your hands in front of you. You should also place your chin in your hands so that you can relax your neck and shoulders.

If you want to increase your concentration while meditating, you can try some of the other meditation positions that are available on this website. These positions will help to improve your focus and concentration, no matter what type of meditation you are doing.

  1. Burmese Position

For those new to meditation, the Burmese position is a good starting point. What makes the Burmese position so popular is that it allows you to relax into an upright sitting position in order to feel present.

  1. Chair Meditation

This simple technique involves sitting in a comfortable chair and focusing your attention on your breath. You can do this for as little as 10 minutes or as long as you want, and it’s a great way to relieve stress and tension.

Dream of Flying in the air | in a plane | Over water | Away from danger

Dream of Flying in the air | in a plane | Over water | Away from danger

What does it mean to dream of flying in the air? In dreams, we usually see many things. But flying in the sky in a dream is a good sign. Usually, the meaning of any dream can be divided into two parts. One is a general meaning and the other is a spiritual meaning. Because the meaning of a dream varies depending on the condition of the dreamer. What kind of human feelings did the dreamer realize after dreaming? Dreamer spiritual man or ordinary man?

Dream of Flying in a plane

What does “Dream of Flying in a Plane” mean to you? You will also experience excitement and nervousness as you approach your dream. If you have this dream, you will act and be determined to achieve it.
To interpret your dream, consider what it means. A dream of a plane crashing into the water may signify the need to cleanse yourself and find a solution to a problem. For instance, if you dream that you are a part of a plane crash in water, you need to break free from unhealthy relationships or get rid of things that are no longer beneficial for your soul. A dream of a plane crash in water can mean you are burying a deep-seated emotional issue. If your dream is a vivid, complex dream, you may want to consider seeking therapy to help you understand the meaning of the events.
A dream of an airplane with family can signify that you are planning to take a break from your everyday routine and start anew. A new life or career is in the works, but you must be careful with the people you spend your time with. A dream of flying with your family indicates that you will have an exciting new opportunity to get out and meet people.
A dream of flying in a plane can also signify your emotional state while you wake. For example, if you are pursuing a significant goal, the invention could represent your desire to break away from routine and difficulty in your waking life. However, suppose you are experiencing bad feelings or stressful emotions before going to bed. In that case, the dream could indicate the opposite and lead to a lousy plan involving being chased by a plane.
When you dream of an airplane, you may be seeking direction and motivation. You may feel that someone has taken control of your life and is trying to manipulate you. You might also be feeling overwhelmed and anxious about your aspirations and goals. If you dream of flying in a plane, you try to shake off negative conditioning and start afresh.
Your dream of flying in a plane is a metaphor for vulnerability in real life. You are exposed to sudden changes in your life, and even a lapse in judgment can lead to disastrous consequences. You must be extra careful and diligent when making decisions in your life because the slightest decision can undermine your efforts and cause you to lose sight of your goals. If your dream is about flying in a plane, you may need to change your relationship or career.

Spiritual Awakening Stages and Symptoms

Spiritual Awakening Stages and Symptoms

Spiritual Awakening Stages and Symptoms

To achieve spirituality we have to achieve it from within ourselves. Because each of us has a hidden treasure of spirituality within ourselves. There is no other place in the world for the awakening of spirituality except within oneself. All the great men in the world who have attained perfection in spirituality have found it by searching in their hearts.

Spiritual Awakening Stages

But now the question is why one has to find spirituality within oneself. Doesn’t spirituality exist on the outside? Why have the great men of the ages said only one thing? Spiritual great men irrespective of race, religion, and caste, agree on one thing only: there is no place to seek spirituality without one’s own heart. Why the same thing is said over and over again about spirituality.

Now let’s come to the answer. Is there no spirituality outside? In fact, everything we see on the outside with the naked eye is a manifestation of spirituality. When we look at this magnificent beautiful universe, the question arises in our minds, where is the source of these? Who created these? In fact, the question arises from where this root? Surely from the heart? That is why people have found this answer deep in their minds by asking questions to their minds over the ages. No one has found the answer to this question anywhere other than the mind. That is why all the great spiritual leaders agree that spirituality has found it by searching in their hearts.

Spiritual Awakening Stages and Symptoms

So it can be said that in order to find spirituality or to awaken spirituality in oneself, one has to find it within oneself. It is not possible to find all your life spirituality if you search for it outside.

So what is the way to awaken spirituality? Can anyone awaken spirituality? The answer is that there is a possibility of awakening spirituality wherever the mind exists in creation. And the way to awaken spirituality is to purify the mind and associate the mind with the essence of creation.

Spiritual Awakening Process

The first part of the Spiritual Awakening Process is enlightenment. This stage takes a long time since it involves developing a new structure that will allow our true spirit to flourish. As such, it is essential to embrace it. After all, without a strong foundation, we would be unable to grow.

The second phase is called a chrysalis. In this phase, people question their old conditioned habits and negative thinking. They imagine themselves living a different life. They cannot imagine their lives the way they are now. This stage can be challenging, so connecting with a trusted friend or online support groups is essential. It’s helpful to learn from others’ experiences. Ultimately, you’ll be able to transform yourself.

A spiritual awakening can be very profound. As such, you may experience synchronicities and coincidences. Perhaps you’ll meet a special someone. Maybe you’ll begin to search for spiritual material. Possibly you’ll discover that your life is becoming more authentic. If you’re feeling confused or unprepared, Richardson recommends a course of study and a spiritual teacher.

It is a complex process that takes work and a willingness to change. But in the end, you’ll be happier, more carefree, and more at peace with your life. In this stage, it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed.

This stage of the process will lead you to the self-awareness stage. You’ll likely begin to change your behavior and choose new friends with similar beliefs. You’ll start to absorb new ideas and engage in new activities. And this will become a permanent change in your life.

For some people, the process may be sudden and earth-shattering. For others, it may be more gradual. Those who are awakening may find that they have a greater awareness of basic principles in life, such as unconditional love, honesty, and integrity. For many people, letting go of old beliefs and actions will lead to an awakening.

The Spiritual Awakening process’s first stage is heightened awareness and compassion. People who are awakening may feel more sensitive to the feelings of others and may even fantasize about a new career. Intuition means understanding what others are experiencing, and this awareness will allow you to understand the pain of those around you. This stage will also cause you to have greater empathy and compassion. A compassionate person is a typical person in stage one of the awakening process, and this tendency often begins at a young age.

Eventually, the Divine Spiral of Awakening will lead you to a state of complete liberation from the illusions of the external world. Once you are fully released from the illusions of the external world, your Divine Intelligence will crystallize into subtle sense organs. As you continue to open yourself to this state, your awareness and understanding of who you are will grow to a profound level. As you grow in this state, you will have a clearer perception of your Divine mission and life purpose.

Although the process may be painful and disturbing, it is crucial to remember that it is necessary and will open the door to a more fulfilling existence. It will challenge your thoughts, beliefs, and paradigms and force you to expand. Several external factors can also trigger it, including significant life events, trauma, and divorce.

This stage is known as the satori stage. It comes from the Japanese Buddhist word “satori,” which means “wakening and comprehension.” Before this stage, you were still undergoing inner struggles. After the satori stage, you are in a state of enlightenment and are fully aware of your true self. The awakening process is never complete, and it will be unique to each person.


Spiritual Meditation Yoga
How do You Define Spirituality What Is Spirituality Definition-Meaning-of

How do You Define Spirituality What Is Spirituality Definition-Meaning-of

How do You Define Spirituality- Meaning and Definition- What Is Spirituality: It is difficult to define spirituality in a few words. Because the roots of spirituality have a deep connection with the roots of creation. Where there is an expression of spirituality, it must be understood that it is an expression of the essence of creation. That is, spirituality originates from where the universe originates from the there. And if one can reach the ultimate limit of this spirituality, then he can know the beginning and the end of creation and he can control the whole creation.

And when someone reaches the last frontier of spirituality, he is no longer attracted to the world. And that time there is no other desire of the world in his mind. His mind becomes pure and holy. That time he sees that all the creation of the world is under him. Still, he has no desire to change the creation at all. This is why it is said that those who have the slightest desire for the world cannot reach the last frontier of spirituality.

How far the boundaries of spirituality extend is beyond our comprehension. Because our knowledge is very insignificant near the boundaries of spirituality. It is impossible for us to analyze the scope of spirituality with this little knowledge. Only those who have attained perfection in spirituality can understand its meaning. Spirituality cannot be explained in words. To understand it you need to have strong feeling power. Because it has to be realized through feeling. The famous spiritual person Jalal Uddin Rumi said, if the sun comes close to the earth, the earth will burn to ashes. Similarly, if spirituality suddenly appears in someone’s heart, his heart will be destroyed.

The words above are words of deep high. Usually, we don’t think so deeply about spirituality. Because we don’t keep track of the world’s greatest spiritual people. And we don’t want to know how many steps they have taken to achieve spirituality in their lives. With a little touch of spirituality in ourselves, we think we have become spiritual.

I too was once in this mistake. I started meditating on March 26, 2007. After the first year of meditation, I noticed a lot of physical and mental changes in me. As a result of the huge change in my heart and feelings, I began to think that I had become a great spiritual person. I am still pursuing my meditation in 2021. But as I continue to meditate and start to reach the depths of meditation in 2021, I see that it is a rare thing to reach the last frontier of spirituality.

Now at what stage am I talking about this. If I give a little description of the symptoms of my body, those who understand spirituality will realize something. You may have heard of the famous spiritual greats Swami Vivekananda and Fakir Lalon Sai. Their writings contain profound theories about spirituality. In Swami Vivekananda’s book Rajyoga, he writes that at one stage of meditation, Kurukundali is awakened in the human body. Within a year of me starting to meditate, Kurukundali was awakened in my body. I had no acquaintance with the word kurukundali. Many days after the awakening of Kurukundali, when I read this book, I realized that its name is Kurukundali.

Kurukundali is an energy that originates from the spinal cord . It is not like expressing in words the stream of peace that flows from the bottom of the spine to the top after the awakening of the Kurukundali. The more you are alone, the more the flow of peace will continue to grow. So I like to be alone from March 26, 2007 until 2021 and now like stay alone.

It is impossible to say how many more symptoms appear inside the body after waking up Kurukundali. However, reading the books of the great spiritual people, it is known that awakening in the body of Kurukundali is not a common thing. These are manifested in very few people. And after this long period of meditation, when I tried to realize where spirituality ends, Then I became dumb. After all this time I started thinking that the journey of spirituality has just started.

So we have realized how difficult it is to attain full spirituality. Achieving spirituality requires hard work for a long time.

Dr. Shahinur Chowdhury (Spiritual Person)